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special thanks & tributes

Special Thanks to STAR 96.7 - for all the wonderful support!

Nathan from Eagle Scouts made 4 storage bins and 10 cat scratching posts for HSP! There was also many materian donations and a cash donation that will go a long way to help our furry friends. Thank you to the Eagle Scouts and Nathan for all of your hard work!

This is Margo Brzezinski. She sat at Petco and raised money for Help Save Pets. She raised a little over $100. Thank you so much!!!

Girl Scout Troops 70602 and 70863 recently visited the Animal Care Center in Plainfield and donated supplies to Help Save Pets. The troops also were given a guided tour of the facility and got acquainted with a dog for adoption, Jasper.

Jennifer asked her friends to bring donations for Help Save Pets to her recent birthday party. She delievered the donations to the organization's facility in Plainfield. Jennifer is pictured with Deanna, a puppy available for adoption at the time the donations were given to Help Save Pets.

Thank you Jennifer for thinking of Help Save Pets. We enjoyed celebrating your birthday.

Thank you so much!!!

Help Save Pets particiapted in a Healthy Kids Day event at the Plainfield YMCA. Pictured are HSP volunteer Anita, talking to a lady about HSP and animals available for adoption. HSP puppy Sammy, is collecting love from girls.

Thank you so much!!!

Brownie Troop 638, Plainfield, collected about $500 worth of pet supplies for Help Save Pets. They delivered the donations to Help Save Pets and received a tour of the orgainization facilities in Plainfield. Thank you so much for your donations. The animals and volunteers of Help Save Pets are extremely grateful for your contribution.

Thank you so much!!!

Katelyn, an 11 year old in Oswego, asked for donations for Help Save Pets for her birthday gifts. She is pictured with the donations at the Oswego Animal Hospital. Katelyn, thanks for sharing your birthday with Help Save Pets.

Thank you so much!!!

Help Save Pets received donations from Sophia who asked for donations in leiu of birthday presents. Sophia is pictured with her friend, Nicole and Deanna, a corgi/heeler mix puppy, who was available for adoption when the donations were received. Thank you Sophia for thinking of Help Save Pets.

Thank you so much!!!

Girl Scout Troop 578, Plainfield, recently collected supplies for Help Save Pets. The troop dicussed the purpose of Help Save Pets and being involved in their familys' pet care with a Help Save Pets representative and toured the orrganization's facility in Plainfield. Thank you for supporting Help Save Pets.

Thank you so much!!!

This is Cecelia. She came in, with her parents at the end of December, with a very nice donation -- collected on behalf of Cecelia's birthday.

Thank you so much!!!

A Tiger Cub group toured Oswego Animal Hospital recently and donated supplies for Help Save Pets. Group members interacted with Dr. Feldman who demonstrated what she does when an animal comes to the hospital for treatment. Dr Feldman, assisted my HSP volunteer Maya, let each child listen to the heart beat of HSP Suzie.

Thank you so much!!!

Brownie Troop 4918, Aurora, visited the Oswgo Animal Hospital recently. Dr Feldman demonstrated how she examines animals that come to the hospital for treatment. Troop members listened to the heartbeat of Ollie, an HSP animal. Arianna, a staff member at the animal hospital, provided a guided tour of the facility and supervised the troop members as they became acquanited with Ollie.

The troop donated over 80 pounds of puppy, cat and kitten food and litter to Help Save Pets.

Thank you so much Troop 4918!

Help Save Pets recently presented Dr. Nick Spodak, Animal Care Center, Plainfield with a KISS Award. This award acknowledges Dr. Spodak's Kindness, Importance and Special Service to Help Save Pets. Volunteers Nancy Gearhart and Maggie Vandermeer gave the award to Dr. Spodak.

Thank you Dr. Spodak for everything you do for HSP!

Sarah Cousins asked her friends to bring items for Help Save Pets to her recent birthday party in leiu of presents for her. She received approximately $250 worth of toys, beds, food, litter,milkbones, a gift card. Thanks to Sarah for thinking about Help Save Pets and its needs.

A book club in Oswego read a book about a dog and Christmas and collected approximately $151 worth towels, bowls, puppy food, kitten food, and litter for the animals at Help Save Pets. They also made dog biscuits for the dogs which was a special treat for the animals. The book club enjoyed a tour of the Oswego Animal Hospital in Oswego and interacted with a veternarian and her dog.

Olivia from the Kendall Elementary - Naperville Daisy Troop 51690 is posing with one of our HSP animals, Clinton. Olivia and the troop hand made dog and cat toys and donated them to HSP. Thank you!!!

Girl scout troops in the area have been very generous to Help Save Pets this holiday season with their donations and special gifts. On behalf of the Help Save Pets' cats and dogs, thank you so much for your kindness. It is greatly appreciated.

Girl Scout Troop 018 of Plainfield gathered food, litter, towels for the animals ready for adoption at Help Save Pets as a special holiday project.

Girl Scout Troop 517 in Plainfield filled special stockings with cat or dog items and donated the stockings to Help Save Pets. The stockings are given to the family who adopts a cat or dog.

Geena Jones' 4th grade class at St. Paul the Apostle School in Joliet had to collect items for two weeks from community and/ or neighbors to help defray some of the cost for your shelter. Any unused or gently used items such as beds/ crates or other items like medicines, food and toys for the animals. The kids really put forth a tremendous effort in collecting these items for your shelter. The experience was very rewarding and Geena learned a lot about what it takes to run a No Kill Animal Shelter :)

Help Save Pets received numerous donations recently. A special thank you to the following groups for their donations:

Girl Scout Daisy Troop #286, Plainfield

Girl Scout Troop # 071009/070300, Romeoville

Girl Scout Troop # 4600, Oswego

Cub Scout Pack #384, Oswego

These troops made Help Save Pets their service project. Donations included food, litter, toys, blankets, towels, newspapers, gift cards, and money. In return they received a tour of HSP's facilities and learned about being responsible pet owners.

Cub Scout Pack #384, Oswego. The troop's donations included food, towels, newspapers, litter and dog toys.

Girl Scout Troop #4600 from Oswego. The troop made 50 special blankets for the HSP animals and donated kong toys, food and litter

Foster Coordinator Sue Thorsen presentied the HSP KISS Award to Megan Schmidt at Oswego Animal Hospital. This award recognizes KVS employees who demonstrates Kindness, Importance and Special Service to Help Save Pets. Great Job Megan! Thank you for all you do!

Hilary Hammer, volunteer in Minooka, applied for a grant from her employer Jewel this summer. Help Save Pets has received a grant of $250 from Jewel. Thanks Hilary for pursuing this option with your employer.

Thank you SO MUCH to volunteer Mike Santelli and Lisa for wrangling up some donations from OHL. Below is a list of donated items in boxes in my garage dropped off by Mike Santelli and Lisa:

  • Sergeant's Dual Action Flea & Tick Collars for large dogs, 6 dozen
  • Sergeant's Coppersafe, 12 16 oz units (google tells me this is for aquariums; description is:
  • Sergeant's SENTRY AQ Mardel Coppersafe Water Conditioner is used for the treatment of ick, flukes (gyrodactylus), anchor worms, velvet/protozoan diseases and other external parasites. This conditioner remains active for over a month to keep your aquarium clean and healthy.
  • Keep your underwater pets' home healthy with this water conditioner that features a chelated copper compound for treating infections, including ick, flukes (gyrodactylus), anchor worms, velvet/protozoan diseases and other external parasites. This conditioner doesn't color the water or interfere with the biological filter, so you can enjoy peace of mind that your fish are safe. To ensure your aquarium is thoroughly clean and healthy, this conditioner stays active for over a month. For freshwater tanks. Chelated copper compound treats infections, including ick, flukes (gyrodactylus), anchor worms, velvet/protozoan diseases and other external parasites. Does not color water or interfere with the biological filter. Stays active for over a month. Use 1 capful per 4 gallons of water. Add to replacement water when water changes are made.)
  • Dog Plush Toys (no squeekers), 16 bags of 3 gorilla toys, 32 bags of 3 camel toys (toys are packaged 3 in a bag, 48 bags total) - rather large, nice toys!
  • Sergeant's Pur Luv Grande Bones Peanut Butter and Honey snacks, 16 bags.
  • Sergeant's PT DX Dental RH Chips for Medium Dogs - quantity 6 of 5 oz bags
  • Sergeants' Fur So Fresh Oatmeal shampoo, quantity 6 of 21 oz bottles
  • Sergeant's Skip-Flea/Skip Oatmeal Dog Shampoo, quantity 12 of 18 oz bottles
  • Sergeant's Joint-EZE Plus, 60 count, did not open to see how they were packaged
  • Sergeant's Flea-Free Breeze Carpet & Home Spray, quantity 9 of 24 oz bottles
  • Sergeant's Flea & Tick Spray for Cats, quantity 6 of 8 oz bottles
  • Sergeant's Gold Flea & Tick spray, quantity 12 of 8 oz bottles
  • Sergeant's Vetscription Benadene Hot Spot, quantity 36 of 4 oz units
  • Paws Premuim Pet Food Scoops, Large - quantity 16
  • Sergeant's Skip-Flea & Tick Shampoo, one box of 18 oz bottles that says for Dogs/Puppies, one that says just Dogs

On July 11, 2012 Natalie Monroe (pictured on the left in pink), Madison Gray, Anne McConnell, Maddie Emerson (left, in purple) and Cameron Gray held a neighborhood lemonade stand to raise money for Help Save Pets. They were very excited to come to the Animal Care Center, located in Plainfield, to drop off the donation. HSP and all our pets applaud the group for taking the time to riase money to help take care of our pets. Great job everyone!

Help Save pets is a non profit organization. All donations go toward the care of the pets.

Needhi was very sick when she came to Help Save Pets. Sick with a cold, she was put in to our temporary care program and was tested and came back positive for Feline Leukemia. Feline Leukemia is fatal and those pets that are affected by this illness can live a few months up to a couple years.

Unfortunatly for Needhi, that makes her ability to be adopted almost impossible. However, our caring Foster Coordinator Sue Thorsen wanted to see that Needhi had a great place to live out the rest of her life. Sue found Friends of Strays in Princeton Illinois.

Friends of Strays is a non-profit, no-kill rescue shelter that has a great place for cats like Needhi to live the rest of their lives with love and attention. The facility is clean and friendly.

Help Save Pets would like to thank Friends of Strays for taking Needhi and giving her the care she needs in her final days, however long that may be. ** We hope that's a good long time for a sweet baby like her! **

If anyone is visiting Princeton Illinois, be sure to drop by and show your support for Friends of Strays!

In Lieu of gifts on her 16th birthday, Kaela Leskovar asked that her guests bring donations for a location animal shelter, Help Save Pets! How thoughtful and generous and caring. Thanks to Kaela and her fantastic friends, we have some food and goodies for our homeless pets awaiting adoption!

"The third grade girls in Girl Scout Brownie Troop 70169 really enjoyed their tour at Help Save Pets. The girls brought many bags of donated items which they collected over the previous month. They asked their family, friends, and neighbors for contributions, plus they held a canned pet food drive at their school, St. Mary Immaculate. They also gave a $60 check from troop cookie profits. On the tour, volunteers Ms. Maya, Ms. Anita, Ms. Nancy, and Ms. Maggie taught the girls some ways the animal shelter cares for the dogs and cats and helps them find good homes. Meeting a few dogs and playing with them was especially fun for the girls. Thank you so much for an educational and memorable time!"

Troop Leader Cindy Sweeney

Thank you Cindy and THANK YOU to the Girl Scouts for coming and visiting us and bringing such fantastic donations~!!

Brooke and Collin Flint raised $22.00 for HSP selling lemonade this summer! Thanks so much!!!

Pictured Above: The Waters Family and their dog Cody. Cody was adopted in Fall of 2009 from Help Save Pets and is a much loved member of the family.

The Waters Family celebrated a big birthday recently and requested that guests of the party donate much needed funds to Help Save Pets in lieu of gifts. Many very generous donations poured in to Help Save Pets and will go towards much needed medical care for our homeless animals. Thank you so much to the Waters Family and the friends and family who donated, your passion for helping animals in need has not gone unnoticed.

Pictured Above: Brette Young, Anita Mulachy, Sue Thorsen, Laureen Crotteau and Lucy Poyser

Over the holidays, 2010, Laureen Crotteau of The Enterprise News hosted the 12 Dogs of Christmas, a contest where the public submitted pictures of their pets in a contest, but also could make donations to Help Save Pets. Also, The Enterprise News ran a Subscription Drive, and with each new subscriber to The Enterprise News, a portion of the funds went towards Help Save Pets!

Thank you so much to The Enterprise News and especially to Laureen Crotteau for supporting homeless animals over the holiday season!

Just wanted to drop a line and thank Ms. Lucy, Ms. Maya and all the volunteers for the wonderful tour Tuesday night! The girls really loved seeing the animals and petting them! Thank You! Leaders Lori and Mindy and Volunteer Cathie from Troop #184.

If you would like to request a tour for your group, Click Here to download the form.

Help Save Pets offers tours for groups like the Girl and Boy Scouts and persons with disabilities, etc. This girl scout group brought in donations and enjoyed meeting some of our animals and seeing how things work around Help Save Pets. If you would like to request a tour for your group, Click Here to download the form.

Congratulations to our Coloring Contest Winners!!!

Alexis S, 11, from Plainfield

Grace K, 4, of La Grange

CONGRATULATIONS!! :) Thank you for entering our contest and making your donation to Help Save Pets!

Two lovely ladies from Bolingbrook, whose parents adopted an animal from our rescue in recent years, came by Help Save Pets to donate items to the shelter! One of these girls celebrated a birthday and asked guests to bring donations for the shelter. Thank you so much for your kindness to animals in need. Those three boxes of food and goodies will go to good use in our mission to save homeless animals!

A special thanks to Katelyn - 8, Megan - 6 & Erin - 4 and their grandpa Joe helping to sell hotdogs at our community garage sale for the Help Save Pets. The girls managed to raise $86 and gather some collars and leashes to donate to our rescue shelter!

A special thanks and the Lisa Palmer (pictured on the left with our volunteer Anita Mulachy) and the Citizens Bank for inviting us to attend an event and generously giving a donation to Help Save Pets.

Pictured Left to Right: Lucy Poyser, Kallin Lang, Maggie Vandermeer, Award Winner Jeannie Lang, Meg Kremer and Nancy Gearhart.

A special thanks and the Perdy Award goes out to Jeannie Lang and Family. Jeannie has been a temporary care provider for Help Save Pets and always makes herself available for animals in need when the situation arises. We appreciate all of her efforts to Help Save Pets!

Kris Jackson - Groomer Extraordinaire at Mallard Point Veterinary Clinic, for volunteering without even being asked to provide grooming services for the homeless animals who desperately need her skills so they can be clean, healthy and presentable for adoption.

To Our Amazing Kennel Staff... (in green) Shawn, Cody and Jody. Pictured with our volunteers Maggie, Anita and Jocelyn. The KISS award goes to every kennel worker in the Animal Care Center for their hard work in keeping everything clean and tidy, and for spending the time needed to feed, bathe and care for the rescued animals of Help Save Pets.

Left to Right: Valerie Bruggeman, Dean Gearhart, Rep. Tom Cross, Brette Young, Homeless Homer and Randi Amato.

AT&T representative and director Valerie Bruggeman and State Representative Tom Cross, presented Help Save Pets with an AT&T Illinois Investment Award in the amount of $2500. This grant will do much to help feed, medicate and give homeless animals a much deserved future!

Jacob and Joshua are local boy scouts who raised a $200 donation to Help Save Pets! These boys presented their donation at the Blue and Gold Dinner this May. Afterward, the boys got to visit Help Save Pets and meet some of the animals available for adoption! Thanks so much for your generosity!

Emily (12) and Allison (7) dropped off a large donation of food, treats, blankets and towels to Help Save Pets on February 28th, 2010. The sisters worked together to create flyers and generate interest from their friends, family and community to find items to donate to our shelter. Not only did these girls get their community involved, but they made personal donations of their own. Thank you Emily and Allison!