• Thursday , 20 June 2024

About Us

Help Save Pets was originally founded as the Humane Society of Plainfield in 2000 by our director Meg Kremer, wife of Dr. Anthony Kremer. Dr. Kremer would periodically be called to animal control to euthanize animals that were unclaimed. The animals that were being euthanized were often viable, friendly and simply in need of somebody to help them get into a good new home. Dr. Kremer would at times bring these animals back to the Animal Care Center in Plainfield to see if a home could be found among the veterinary clinic clients. As the frequency of this practice increased, it became clear that a separate non for profit organization was needed to continue rescue work.

Since 2000, we have placed over 16,000 animals into loving homes. Each one of these animals was given shelter, food, medical aid and vaccinations and time to find the right home. Our doctors mended mutilated limbs and cured many illnesses so that these animals could get a second chance at good lives. We have grown and now operate out of 10 locations, in the Chicago metro area and in the Columbus Ohio metro area. In 2008 we changed our name from the Humane Society of Plainfield to Help Save Pets, still HSP.

Help Save Pets is dedicated to our mission of saving and finding homes for dogs and cats about to be euthanized at animal control facilities. Our unique structure allows us to run an effective rescue at minimal expense, with the majority of our funds directly used for the care of dogs and cats. We are proud to share our financial and statistical information with our friends, volunteers and donors. If you are considering donating to us, you’ll find that your donation will be put to good use saving homeless animals from death.

What exactly does HSP do?
We rescue puppies and kittens that most rescues will not.
We rescue dogs and cats with curable health problems.
We take pregnant and nursing moms with their babies.
We work with local animal control.
Adopting your Family Pet
Adoption Donations Include
Financial Information