• Thursday , 20 June 2024

Bob Marley

BobMarleyBeforeBobMarleyAfterMeet Bob Marley. He looked a little like Bob Marley when we met him . . . so we couldn’t help it. He was sitting at Aurora Animal Control, matted and could barely see. He is such a sweet, scared boy, we couldn’t leave him there. We decided to take a chance and see what was under all that mess. He had mats on top of mats. His legs were so matted we couldn’t feel his bones. Crystal, one of the Oswego Animal Hospital groomers, donated her time to shave the poor guy. We thought he would need to be sedated, since he was so badly matted. Crystal said he was so good. . . and what a difference a groom makes!!!! Look at the results!!! Such long legs!! Thanks so much to Crystal for taking her time to change his life. We are so lucky to have such wonderful groomers at Oswego Animal Hospital and Animal Care Center. They are so busy, but always make time to take care of our animals. And what a difference it makes. Bob Marley certainly thanks you!!

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