• Sunday , 14 August 2022

Laurie Gets a Home

LaurieSuch a very special day for a very special puppy. Laurie has found her forever home. Taking on a special needs puppy is hard for any shelter. Laurie has neurological issues and is deaf. But, she is such a smart girl and learns so easily! We know just how hard it is to find just the right family, who will work with her and always keep her safe. Luckily, she found that home. She was on foster with them and they were devastated to think it wouldn’t work with their other dog. They sadly brought her back to her original foster. But . . . they couldn’t forget her and that sweet face and personality. They couldn’t stop thinking about her and knew they had to try again. They researched her issues and talked to a trainer. Now, things are great with their other dog and they have already put her in a puppy class. . . where she is a star!! We are so thankful to know we don’t have to worry about this little girl. She is with a wonderful family who knows they have a very special puppy. Sometimes things are just meant to be . . . like Laurie and her new family.

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